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Customize Charts

Atlas Charts provides various options to customize the format and display of your visualizations. You can use these options to display your data in the proper format, show data labels to relay precise measurements, and many other formatting techniques.

The documentation for specific chart types covers additional customization options pretaining to those charts. See the Chart Types page to learn more about customizing a particular chart type.

Atlas Charts provides the following types of customization options:

General Customization Options modify high-level aspects of the chart such as its colors and data labels. These options affect the overall look and format of your data.
Value Axis Options modify the chart's axes, such as their scale and their minimum and maximum values. These options only affect the chart's axes, and not how Charts formats data points in the visualization.
Field-Level Options modify how Charts renders data fields, such as specific formatting for numbers and dates. These options apply to individual data fields encoded into your chart, rather than the chart as a whole. The field-level customization options available depend on the data type and channel type of the field you are customizing.
Conditional Formatting
Conditional Formatting Options modify the styling of chart values that meet conditions you define. These options affect the look of your chart dynamically: if a value changes to meet or stop meeting your conditions, its styling updates to reflect that.

To customize a chart, click the Customize tab above the encoding channels in the Chart Builder:

Charts Customization Tab
click to enlarge

Your chart automatically updates as you modify customization options.

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