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Charts provide visual representations of the data in your data source. A chart maps to a single data source, and it can display correlations between several fields in the data. Charts reside inside dashboards. Unless you create a chart from the Atlas UI, you must create a dashboard before you can begin building charts.

For a complete list of available chart types and how to build specific charts, refer to the Chart Types page.

You can create a chart from the Dashboards page in Charts or from the Atlas UI.


If the preview for a chart of the full dataset takes a while to load, you can preview a subset of the data with the Subset toggle.

Understand Encoding Channels
Understand the building blocks of Atlas Charts.
Create a Multi-Series Chart
Visualize multiple data series in a single chart.
Visualize Embedded Objects and Arrays
Use a wide variety of built-in methods for handling embedded objects and arrays.
Reshape Your Data
Reshape and pre-process your data for greater flexibility over available fields.
Filter Chart Results
Filter your chart based on criteria you choose.
Bin, Sort, and Limit Your Data
Bin, sort, and limit data in your chart.
Customize Charts
Customize aspects of your chart such as color, axis labels, and number formatting.
View and Export Chart Data
View and export the data backing your chart in either CSV or JSON format.
Chart Building Reference
Supplemental reference material for building charts.
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