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Community Edition

Community Edition

MongoDB is a general-purpose document database. With the Community Edition you can self-manage and host it locally or in the cloud. You can also develop with MongoDB Atlas for free in your local environment, including local experiences for full-text and vector search, as well as in the cloud.
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MongoDB Community Edition vs. MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is an integrated suite including the core database and data services for building applications in the cloud. Atlas is ideal for most use cases, but some developers still prefer MongoDB Community Edition. Here's how they're different:
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Develop locally with MongoDB

Many developers get started with the MongoDB Community Edition because they want to develop locally. But did you know you can also build locally – including using Atlas Search and Atlas Vector Search — with MongoDB Atlas?

Use the Atlas CLI to programmatically create and manage Atlas deployments from your local development environment all the way to the cloud. Get started with Homebrew or download the Atlas CLI.
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Why MongoDB?

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Document data model

  • Documents in MongoDB correspond naturally to objects in major programming languages.

  • Embedded documents and arrays reduce the need for complex and expensive table joins.

  • Flexible schema makes it easy to adjust your data model as your requirements evolve.
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Expressive Query API

  • You can query virtually any data structure with ease, including key-value, graph, geospatial, time series, and objects.

  • Powerful aggregations allow you to transform and analyze data in place.

  • A wide range of powerful operators make it easy to query one or more documents based on combined criteria, including within nested arrays and objects.
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Best-in-class developer experience

What’s new in MongoDB 7.0
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Queryable encryption

Queryable encryption allows you to encrypt sensitive data and run equality queries on fully randomized encrypted data.


New aggregation pipeline features

Enhancements to MongoDB’s aggregation pipeline, including compound wildcard indexes, approximate percentiles, and bitwise operators, give more flexibility and improve performance for queries.


Time-series improvements

MongoDB 7.0 brings improvements to working with time series data, resulting in better storage optimization and compression as well as enhanced query performance.


Smoother migrations

Updates to cluster-to-cluster sync (`mongosync`) enable more efficient data migration.

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