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This page lists MongoDB Charts current preview features. A preview feature is when a MongoDB Charts feature is available for evaluation purpose and not recommended for production deployments. The feature and its corresponding documentation can change at any time.

Natural language charts simplifies the chart creation process. After you enter a prompt about a chart you would like to see, the AI model creates the chart.

To use this feature, you can sign up at the MongoDB Charts product page.

To learn more, see New Intelligent Developer Experiences Compass Atlas Charts Relational Migrator.

Natural language charts only supports grouped bar charts, single-series charts, and multi-series charts built with series and aggregation encoding channels.

Natural language charts do not support filtering, sorting, binning, or limiting.


From the Dashboards page, select the dashboard where you want to add a new chart. For instructions on setting up a dashboard, see Dashboards.


In the Select Data Source modal, click the Project tab.


In the cluster where you loaded the sample data, select the listingsAndReviews collection in the sample_airbnb database.


When you toggle this, you must click the Use Natural Language Mode button in the Natural Language Mode modal to accept the MongoDB Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy.

Natural Language Mode Modal

If you click Back to Classic Mode, MongoDB Charts switches you back to Classic mode.


In the Prompt box, specify the chart you want MongoDB Charts to create.


Your prompt cannot exceed 500 characters.

If you're unsure of what chart you would like to see, you can choose one of the Suggested Prompts and click Select.


If your Suggested Prompts section does not load, click Retry.

Natural Language Charts Suggested Prompts Load Error

MongoDB Charts displays your chart and also generates a title based on your prompt.


To customize your chart, toggle the switch on the top navigation from Natural Language to Classic.

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