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Try MongoDB Community Edition

The community version of our distributed document database provides powerful ways to query and analyze your data.

MongoDB Community Server

MongoDB Community Server Download

The Community version of our distributed database offers a flexible document data model along with support for ad-hoc queries, secondary indexing, and real-time aggregations to provide powerful ways to access and analyze your data.

The database is also offered as a fully-managed service with MongoDB Atlas. Get access to advanced functionality such as auto-scaling, serverless instances, full-text search, and data distribution across regions and clouds. Deploy in minutes on AWS, Google Cloud, and/or Azure, with no downloads necessary.

Give it a try with a free, highly-available 512 MB cluster. or get started from your terminal with the following two commands:

  • 8.0.0-rc13 (release candidate)
  • 7.0.12 (current)check
  • 6.0.16
  • 5.0.28
  • Amazon Linux 2 ARM 64check
  • Amazon Linux 2 x64
  • Amazon Linux 2023 ARM 64
  • Amazon Linux 2023 x64
  • Debian 11.0 x64
  • Debian 12.0 x64
  • macOS ARM 64
  • macOS x64
  • RedHat / CentOS 7.0 x64
  • RedHat / CentOS 8.0 x64
  • RedHat / CentOS 8.2 ARM 64
  • RedHat / CentOS 9.0 ARM 64
  • RedHat / CentOS 9.0 x64
  • SUSE 12 x64
  • SUSE 15 x64
  • Ubuntu 20.04 ARM 64
  • Ubuntu 20.04 x64
  • Ubuntu 22.04 ARM 64
  • Ubuntu 22.04 x64
  • Windows x64
  • mongos
  • servercheck
  • tgz
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Current releases & packages

MongoDB Community Server

MongoDB Community Kubernetes Operator Download

Kubernetes Operators are application-specific controllers that extend the Kubernetes API to create, configure, and manage instances of stateful applications such as databases. Using the MongoDB Kubernetes operator, you have full control over your MongoDB deployment from a single Kubernetes control plane, with a consistent experience across different deployment environments.

To deploy in the cloud, check out our Atlas Kubernetes Operator.