November 17, 2021

Become a Data Innovation MVP: Dodge Blockers, Accelerate Time-to-Market & Win Big

10am PST | 1pm EST Discover how the power of the cloud and the functionality of MongoDB’s document data model can put your business in a more competitive position. If your business is functioning every day within a complex data architecture, chances are you’re losing time, money, and maybe even some sanity. Join Eric Houlzhauer, MongoDB Director of Strategy and Product Marketing, to learn: How MongoDB can reduce friction and create tangible business value Why MongoDB is a top choice for developers Guest speaker, Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst Noel Yuhanna will also join to discuss: The tax businesses pay when they resist modernization How cloud migration is the first step in any transformation journey How complex data structures create costly determinants across the business Join us to learn how you can overcome your challenges, innovate at scale and transform the way your entire business operates. Guest speaker, Noel Yuhanna Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Noel covers big data, data warehouses, data fabric, data integration, data virtualization, Hadoop, Spark, in-memory, translytical, NoSQL, cloud, ETL, big data integration, data management, data tools, and data security for enterprise architecture professionals. His current focus is on new and emerging markets, modern data architectures, cloud and hybrid cloud deployments. LinkedIn profile Eric Holzhauer Director of Product and Strategy, MongoDB Eric Holzhauer is a Director of Strategy and Product Marketing at MongoDB. Prior to MongoDB, Eric worked in management consulting for tech and telecom. LinkedIn profile

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