February 8, 2022

SI Certification Acceleration

If Legacy Modernization and Cloud Migration linked to Data are topics of interest for you, and if you are looking for ways to enrich your CV or your team’s, while gaining competitive advantage, the following should be of interest to you : The market opportunity As you may know, MongoDB is the fastest growing Data platform player on the market. According to LinkedIn Talent Insights, over 242,500 professionals claim to have some level of MongoDB expertise in the Americas. And every $1 spent on a MongoDB subscription represents an opportunity for $10 of professional services attached. Our initiative in Americas for your Architects We have launched a Certification initiative specifically tailored for Systems Integrator Architects : With an investment of only 20 hours (and even faster with the Acceleration program), architects can understand the best use cases for MongoDB in a context of Modernization and Cloud migration, the hottest topics for our clients. This initiative is free of charge for the MongoDB partners, and our sales teams will strongly recommend partners with Certified Architects going forward. Investing in this program now will therefore not only enrich your team’s CV, but also enable competitive differentiation for your next bids. The partner solutions architect team at MongoDB, will personally be interacting with certification candidates, and coaching them towards official Certification. The schedule for the accelerator event: Prework - for 8 hours before 2/17 ( click to download ) Friday, 2/11 10-11AM CST : Why MongoDB, why SI Architect Certification Thursday, 2/17 9-11:30AM CST : Deep dive accelerator part I Friday, 2/18 9-11:30AM CST : Deep dive accelerator part II Deadline for submission : 3/31

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March 2, 2022

Reduce DIRT in Your Data Infrastructure Webinar Series (APAC)

As companies accelerate their digital transformation, many discover a convoluted data infrastructure that reflects the adoption of new layers of components to “get things done” as well as years of tech debt. That infrastructure complexity slows down the pace of development and requires time and money that should be spent on driving innovation. We think of complexity as a tax on innovation — we call it “DIRT,” a Data and Innovation Recurring Tax. Join us for the Reduce DIRT in Your Data Infrastructure Webinar Series, where we will walk you through how to leverage MongoDB as your application data platform to tame infrastructure complexity and reduce this tax. Developers become more productive as you remove obstacles to progress, including infrastructure sprawl, rigid data structures, and fragmented developer experiences. Webinar Series Date & Topics at a glance : Language: English Session 1 - March 2, Introduction to MongoDB Atlas . Reduce DIRT with a single multi-cloud data platform for your modern applications Session 2 - March 30, Reduce DIRT Tip 1: MongoDB Atlas Search . Get full text search for your apps with no ETL needed Session 3 - April 27, Reduce DIRT Tip 2: MongoDB Realm . Enable offline mode for mobile apps with sync automation for Atlas Session 4 - May 2, Reduce DIRT Tip 3: MongoDB Charts5 . Build rich real-time visualizations with native JSON support for your apps and reports Session 5 - June 22, Reduce DIRT Tip 4: MongoDB Atlas Data Lake . Federate queries to MongoDB & AWS S3 data lake with a single query API This webinar series will be carried out on a monthly basis, register once to attend all the 5 sessions! Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to tackle DIRT in a better, streamlined way.

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