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Compass. The GUI for MongoDB.

Compass is a free interactive tool for querying, optimizing, and analyzing your MongoDB data. Get key insights, drag and drop to build pipelines, and more.

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An illustration of a compass, a file cabinet, a magnifying glass, and various charts.
Easily work with your data in Compass, the GUI built by — and for — MongoDB. Compass provides everything from schema analysis to index optimization to aggregation pipelines in a single, centralized interface.

  • Compass is free to download and use
  • Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows

Discover data patterns and outliers

Dissect your document schema to understand your data at a deeper level. Compass samples and analyzes your documents to provide detailed metadata on your collections, including the ranges of dates and integers, most frequent values, and more.
An image featuring a search interface, with query parameters and a bar to input filter terms, behind which are data documents and a visual representation of a database. There is a magnifying glass on the upper right hand corner.
A magnifying glass scrolls over data documents, with a visual representation of a database on the right.

Effortlessly query your data

Find the data you need in seconds with Compass’ built-in query bar. Filter documents in your collection using our intuitive query operators. Sample, sort, and modify results with high granularity. And even generate queries using natural language.
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Keep your database streamlined

Add new indexes and remove underperforming ones to optimize queries, monitor real-time server and database metrics, investigate performance issues with the visual explain plan, and more.
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Small data documents against a line graph that charts out database performance over time.
A large yellow S-pipe, which receives inputs at one end, processes it, and produces an output at the other end.

A simple way to aggregate data

Use the embedded, intuitive builder to construct powerful aggregation pipelines in a matter of clicks. Add sequential stages to your pipeline and automatically preview data as it progresses through each phase. Extract key insights such as yearly regional revenue, user churn, and more.
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Feature overview

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Start using Compass today

Compass is the free GUI for MongoDB. Oversee and optimize your database using a single, convenient interface.

Accelerate development

Take your development to the next level with the MongoDB developer data platform. Build and release products quickly, safely, and confidently.
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Compass: an easier way to work with data

Manage all your data from a single GUI. Compass streamlines workflows, dissects performance issues, optimizes queries, and more.
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  • Intuitive UI
  • Aggregation builder
  • Schema mapping
  • Metadata analysis
  • Embedded MongoShell