MongoDB Atlas Search (previously Full-Text Search) makes it easy to build simple, integrated search capabilities on top of your data in the cloud.


Search without the bolt-on engines

Create powerful data processing pipelines that combine search with the rich MongoDB query language, all with no additional infrastructure to manage.

Integrated and fully managed

Eliminate the need to set up, maintain, and scale a separate search platform and manage your data in multiple places. Create search indexes directly in Atlas and you’re ready to go.

Simple to use

Create a dynamic search index on your collections in just two clicks. Test search queries and preview sample results in MongoDB Compass before deploying them in application code.

Rich search capabilities

Based on Lucene, the open-source search library optimized for natural language search. Combine search with the MongoDB aggregation framework to create powerful data pipelines.

Try Atlas Search in Beta

Atlas Search is available on most clusters running MongoDB 4.2 and higher.

Safe Harbor

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