The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Capturing Value from the IoT

Today the IoT is enabling companies to blend the physical and digital worlds. Realizing the business value of connecting all of these “things” enables creation of new revenue models, improves productivity, and generates new insights that drive operational efficiencies. The IoT already connects billions of devices worldwide, and that number is growing daily. Many market observers predict that only by adopting IoT can organizations fully unlock the revenue opportunities promised by digital transformation. MongoDB can help you rapidly capture the most value from the IoT.
Bosch has built its IoT suite on MongoDB, bringing the power of data to a new range of Industrial Internet applications including manufacturing, automotive, retail, energy, and many others.
Thermo Fisher, the world leader in serving science, needed a database that can easily handle a wide variety of fast-changing sensor data captured from multiple devices and experiments. That’s why Thermo Fisher chose MongoDB as the database foundation for its Thermo Fisher Cloud.

Building and Operating Your IoT Apps

What You Need From Your Data Platform

High-Speed Data Ingest and Real-Time Analytics

Each new generation of ‘thing’ comes with new sensors, emitting unprecedented volumes of data and providing new insights into the business. Building and operating IoT applications requires a data platform capable of ingesting massive volumes of sensor and event data with concurrent support for real-time analysis to flag anomalies and critical events as they happen.

Event-Driven, Real-Time Architecture

An event-driven architecture creates a data pipeline where event producers – devices and gateways in your IoT network – generate a stream of events, and event consumers listen and react to those events in near real time. Producers and consumers are all decoupled from each other, which removes dependencies between components, and the system can grow and shrink in response to demand.

Intelligent Edge

Today the compute power of the cloud is moving to the edge. Instead of sending every bit of data from the sensor to the cloud, edge devices are becoming more intelligent, pre-aggregating data, performing analytics locally, and synchronizing data to the cloud. Not only does this reduce network traffic, it also allows for business insights to be made locally, increasing productivity.

Fast, Flexible Development Experience

Time series applications capture and measure state changes over time and are often used to predict the future and establish operational system thresholds. Building and operating IoT applications requires a data platform with a flexible data model to accommodate complex and quickly changing time series data generated by fleets of heterogeneous sensors and connected devices.

Our Intelligent Data Platform Supports Your IoT Apps from Edge to Core

From the devices at the edge of the network to the IoT applications at the core, our Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) accelerates and de-risks the delivery and operation of your IoT applications. We start with MongoDB, the world’s most popular database, and bind in complementary technologies such as Apache Kafka to become part of an integrated, event-driven IoT platform.
Analytics with MongoDB
MongoDB offers many options for machine learning and analytics. The MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark lets you access Spark libraries for streaming, machine learning, and graph APIs. Unleash the power of Python in your analysis with the native MongoDB Python driver or our array of other drivers supporting popular analytics languages like R. To visualize your IoT data use the MongoDB Connector for BI with third-party reporting tools like Tableau, Microstrategy, and others, or use MongoDB Charts, the easiest way to visualize your data.

MongoDB’s IoT Reference Architecture

MongoDB's IoT Reference Architecture

Why MongoDB?

Best way to work with data

MongoDB's flexible document data model makes working with data unimaginably easy, whether you're working with data held locally in your IoT devices or MongoDB Atlas in the backend.

Intelligently put data where you need it

MongoDB is distributed by design. Atlas lets you precisely control where you place data globally so you can ensure fast performance anywhere across all of your IoT and enterprise data.

Freedom to run anywhere

MongoDB offers a unified experience that gives you the freedom to run anywhere. Gain total deployment flexibility and build a ubiquitous data layer from your data center to the cloud and your IoT devices.

  • Ease: Documents match objects in code, making it faster and easier for developers to build new IoT apps. JSON is the language of APIs, which means you can use the same data model and syntax from the device to the backend. This increases developer productivity and enhances both efficient API design and data model consistency

  • Flexibility: Add new time series data elements, sensors, and devices without the need to wrangle with database schema changes

  • Versatility: Query IoT data any way you want to support rich application functionality, real-time analytics, and user experience

  • Integration: Work seamlessly with all of the leading systems for streaming data, machine learning, BI, and more

  • Security: Robust access controls, auditing, and encryption controls protect valuable IoT data both in flight and at rest

With You Every Step of the Way

MongoDB Professional Services engages with you to build an Innovation Accelerator and to provide Innovation Solution Kits, combining advisory consulting, program governance, and application lifecycle expertise – all cultivated from best practices developed with the world’s most innovative organizations. This helps you capture the full value of your IoT deployment with always-on applications to act on the huge volumes of new IoT sensor data. Learn more →

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