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MongoDB for Retail

Arm yourself with data to meet unprecedented challenges and constantly meet the demands of the omnipresent consumer.

Data as a product, Data Mesh, and MACH applied

Join us in your time zone for our upcoming webinar to learn how you can embrace the free and secure flow of data within your organization and outward to the customer by building a data as a service organization in the context of data mesh and MACH principles.




The forcing function

It’s simple: Today’s unprecedented challenges have drastically accelerated transformation in the retail industry. To succeed and thrive as the economy recovers, retailers must master a true omnichannel consumer experience that integrates all online, social, and in-person interactions. To do this, they’ll need to analyze data in real time and develop applications at warp speed. And they’ll need to do it all securely, and at scale.

Behind every successful customer transaction is an ocean of data


Omni-channel product catalog and inventory management in real time, in the same data store, with informed recommendations.

Single View

Omnichannel made easy: Sync what your customers see—whether on the web or in the store—across channels and with your back-end systems to create seamless, endless aisle shopping.

Real-Time Analytics

Easily build and use rich customer profiles by using new types of data too complex for relational databases to handle, such as “social footprints.”

Real-time inventory and supply chain

Develop a holistic view of your businesses so you can support omnichannel initiatives, aggregate inventory updates, and act on trends in real time.


Respond to changing customer and merchant expectations with the agility enabled both by MongoDB’s JSON document model and flexible schemas.

Retail Logistics: Personalization

Build out your in-store personalization engine with intelligent devices that recognize your customers and recommend merchandise based on detailed activity and purchase logs.

Retail resources

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Success stories in retail

Leading retailers around the world are tapping MongoDB to help them delight their customers—and adapt to the unpredictable.

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