MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

The Best Way to Run MongoDB in Your Data Center. Supported. Secure. Automated.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced is the best way to run MongoDB on your own infrastructure, providing a finely-tuned package of advanced software, support, certifications, and services. Thousands of organizations around the world use MongoDB Enterprise Advanced to accelerate time to value and better exploit data and technology for competitive advantage while reducing cost and risk.

Download the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Datasheet for more information or contact us for pricing details.

What’s Inside?

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced includes MongoDB Enterprise Server – the commercial edition of the MongoDB database – along with the most comprehensive support and the best SLA available when you run MongoDB yourself. You also get comprehensive operational tooling and security controls, advanced analytics and data visualization, and platform integrations and certification, along with on-demand training for your teams.

Consultative Support

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced provides access to expert, consultative support from development to production. The same team that builds the database itself helps you throughout your entire application lifecycle. Customers can ask MongoDB experts an unlimited number of questions, 24 x 365, globally. Support also includes emergency patches for MongoDB. And it isn’t just break/fix. You can come to us at any time for:

  • Guidance on upgrading to a new release

  • Validation of a deployment plan

  • Suggestions on how to configure your system for high availability and scalability

  • Questions on performance optimization

  • A walkthrough of new features and how to use them

...and much more

Get support from the engineers who build MongoDB.
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Ops Manager is the simplest way to run MongoDB on premises or in a private cloud, making it easy for operations teams to automate the deployment, monitoring and alerting, backup, and scaling of MongoDB. The capabilities of Ops Manager are also available in MongoDB Cloud Manager, delivered as SaaS in the cloud. Through Ops Manager, you can manage the complete lifecycle of your MongoDB databases via a powerful GUI, or programmatically with APIs to enable integration with your Infrastructure as a Code tools. Together, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager provide:

  • Monitoring. You can’t optimize what you can’t measure. With Ops Manager or Cloud Manager, visualize more than 100 performance metrics and tune your deployment. Set up custom alerts that trigger when metrics go out of range, so you can discover performance issues before your users do.

  • Automation. Automate common operational tasks like provisioning new nodes, changing configurations across clusters, and performing zero-downtime rolling upgrades. How does a 95% reduction in operational overhead sound?

  • Backup. Our backup solution for MongoDB Enterprise Server comes with point-in-time recovery for replica sets and synchronized snapshots of sharded clusters. You won’t find that anywhere else.

Kubernetes Integration

MongoDB Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes, integrated with Ops Manager or Cloud Manager, gives you full control over your MongoDB deployment from a single Kubernetes control plane. It provides you with a consistent automation and management experience anywhere from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Created by the engineers who develop the database, Ops Manager, Cloud Manager, and Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes are the best management platforms for MongoDB Enterprise Server.

Advanced Security

MongoDB’s Advanced Security enables you to defend, detect, and control access to your data to meet security and compliance standards with Kerberos and LDAP access controls, and comprehensive auditing. Enterprise Advanced builds upon the MongoDB server’s comprehensive security framework – which includes Role-Based Access Control, PKI certificates, TLS, and Client-Side Field Level Encryption.

MongoDB Encrypted Storage Engine provides native, at-rest encryption in storage and backups, eliminating the complexity and overhead of integrating third party disk and filesystem encryption options.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced extends MongoDB’s security controls with FIPS-certified TLS encryption and automatic Client-Side Field Level Encryption. The MongoDB drivers automatically encrypt data application-side, reducing the amount of code your developers need to write while enforcing centralized governance over your most sensitive fields.

Advanced Analytics and Visualization

MongoDB Connector for BI lets you use MongoDB as a data source for your existing SQL-based BI and analytics platforms such as Tableau, Microstrategy, Looker, and more.

MongoDB Compass

As the GUI for MongoDB, Compass lets you explore and manipulate your data, visually create queries and aggregation pipelines and then export them as code to your app, view and create indexes, build schema validation rules and views, and more.

In-Memory Speed

MongoDB In-Memory Storage Engine delivers high throughput and predictable low latency for workloads with the most stringent response-time SLAs.. And by mixing storage engines in a replica set, you can achieve the speed of in-memory while still persisting to disk.

Enterprise Software Integration

Enterprise Software Integration ensures that MongoDB Enterprise fits easily into your existing IT infrastructure and processes. SNMP support connects MongoDB Enterprise with your management and monitoring tools.

Commercial License

MongoDB offers a Commercial License to meet the development and distribution needs of organizations that have policies requiring a license, while also providing a warranty and indemnification.

Platform Certification

We offer Platform Certification with MongoDB Enterprise tested and certified on all leading Linux distributions for x86, IBM POWER, and z Systems, as well as Windows.

On-Demand Training

On-Demand Training provides access to our online training, on your schedule and at your pace. Developers and ops teams can improve their MongoDB skills on demand from wherever they want, whenever it fits their schedule. Private training delivered on-site is also available.

Customer Success Program

To help you realize the full potential of your investment in MongoDB, our Customer Success Program offers an initial onboarding process, as well as multiple check-ins throughout the year to ensure your apps are running properly. We also keep you apprised of software updates, documentation, events, and webinars to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful.

What’s Next?

Download the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Datasheet for more information or contact us for pricing details. Or download an evaluation version of MongoDB Enterprise Server now.