GIANT Stories at MongoDB

Five Minute MongoDB: MongoDB Atlas Global Clusters

The world is a big place and that in itself is a problem for the TCP packets that carry your queries and results back and forth over the internet. Bounded by the speed of light - and other factors - talking to a database on the other side of the world can be sluggish.

That's why MongoDB Atlas's Global Clusters exist - if you can't move the speed of light, the solution is, thanks to a distributed architecture, to move the data closer to the user. And that makes your application run faster all around the world.

Replace tedious coding with MongoDB Stitch and public APIs

Do away with tedious, generic application code using public web APIs and MongoDB Stitch. This post shows how to use the Stitch HTTP service, a Stitch Function, and a public API to validate form data in a website.

MongoDB Q&A: What's the deal with non-relational databases and Agile software development?

If you are new to MongoDB, you probably have a lot of questions. I know, because I'm new as well. I'm lucky enough to have direct access to the experts at MongoDB, and I've been asking them a LOT of questions. In this series, I'll share answers to my questions.

Throughout my career as a software engineer, I’ve been interested in how Agile principles can improve software development. I first became interested in Agile software development in undergrad and then focused on distributed pair programming for my master’s thesis. This led to my career at IBM as a software engineer where I worked as a web developer, tester, and automation specialist while applying Agile principles. I shared my expertise while serving on the IBM Agile Leadership Team.

MongoDB Stitch - Saving developers from chores

MongoDB Stitch can save developers' time by letting you build on a solid cloud foundation of application-centric services. We'll explain, practically, how it can work for you in this article and relieve you of the chores of coding a world-class app.

As a developer, you know you don't want to burn up precious time doing what are basically chores. They may be complex chores when implemented properly, but they are chores nevertheless. Chores take up valuable development time. In this article, we'll show how MongoDB Stitch can save you from these chores and speed up your development...

Playback: Creating Operational Data Stores with Atlas and Stitch at Acxiom - MongoDB World 2018

Who wants to spend their time manipulating relational databases to be flexible about the data they store? And who would want to have a complicated and richly ticketed deployment process for each new client? Wouldn't it be great if MongoDB Atlas and Stitch could help make all that go away? That was the challenge that Acxiom's Scott Jones and Karen Wilson talked about in their MongoDB World 2018 presentation...

From Legacy Website to Serverless with MongoDB Stitch Hosting

Refreshing legacy websites can be a tricky process, but as Andrew Morgan finds when he renovates an old website of his own, the procedure can be pretty painless when you use MongoDB Stitch. See how he makes use of the new Stitch Hosting and applies Stitch's QueryAnywhere and Triggers to make database access simple.

Playback: 3000 mongod nodes, 100 MongoDB clusters and automating with Ops Manager - MongoDB World 2018

Travel technology company Amadeus IT Group run some 100 MongoDB clusters with around 3000 mongod nodes. Some of those clusters have over 120 shards alone and at that scale, you need all the automation you can get your hands on. For Arkadiusz Borucki, Senior Service Reliability Engineer at Amadeus, that means using MongoDB Ops Manager as part of a completely automated environment. In his talk at MongoDB World 2018, he takes us through the range of technologies involved in that environment.

SynapseFI: Simplifying Banking For All With MongoDB Atlas

When your mission is to simplify banking and enable other companies to build the best-in-class financial product, you'll need to be fast, flexible and always ready to evolve. That's the business that SynapseFI is in, providing its customers with a wide variety of fast, easy and electronic financial services: sending and receiving payments, opening deposit accounts, white-labeled physical or virtual debit and credit cards, consumer and business loans, and much more. SynapseFI, with its fintech partners, has handled a total of $10 billion in transactions for close to 1.8 million end users to date.

Announcing the 2018 Hacktoberfest Winner

Michael Lynn

On behalf of my team and everyone at MongoDB, I'm excited to announce the winner of the MongoDB Hacktoberfest - Best use of Stitch contest - Stephanie Orpilla with their application, MorningPages. It's an application designed to improve users creativity by ensuring that they write every day.

Playback: MongoDB's Eliot Horowitz at Big Data LDN 2018

At Big Data LDN 2018 conference, MongoDB CTO and Co-founder Eliot Horowitz presented "Big Data is Modern Data", a talk that looks into the requirements of modern applications. It's not just about being big data. Modern applications need to be flexible, inherently distributed and available to any client, mobile, desktop or IoT device. It's those same requirements that also lead to the need for better productivity from developers, smarter, more automated infrastructure and new approaches to application connectivity.