GIANT Stories at MongoDB

Solving the Rube Goldberg Challenge - Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge Week 6

As we came to the last week of Eliot's MongoDB World Weekly Challenge, we wanted to challenge your creativity by asking you to create a digital Rube Goldberg machine that used Stitch and as many APIs and services as possible. We had some great entries and the one that tickled us the most also had some of the most intricate code we saw in the entries, it stood out as a winner.

MongoDB World 2019 Live Blog - Day 1

We're live at MongoDB World for Day 1 as the blog team cover all the events taking place over the day, meeting and chatting with everyone and bringing you a flavor of the conference. Join us as our auto-updating live blog keeps you in touch.

Father's Day at MongoDB

Jess Katz


In honor of this upcoming Father’s Day, we want to take the time to highlight some of the amazing fathers who work at MongoDB. Jason, Dennis, and Doron share their experiences about what it’s like to be a working father and how parenthood has impacted their perspectives on life.

Aggregation Pipeline Builder Comes To Atlas

This week we have released the Aggregation Pipeline Builder in MongoDB Atlas. This tool allows developers to quickly learn, test, and visualize the power of MongoDB’s aggregation framework through a simple user interface.

Transactions Background Part 4: The Global Logical Clock

Recent features in MongoDB such as multi-document ACID transactions have required foundational enhancements in MongoDB to enable them. One of these foundational changes is the introduction of a Global Logical Clock.

Coming in MongoDB 4.2 - 1: Wildcard Indexes

Wildcard Indexing is a new feature in MongoDB 4.2 which can dramatically simplify how you handle documents with variable fields and structures. Find out more in the first of our 'Coming in...' feature previews.

Announcing the MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year 2019: Rolando Martinez

2019's MongoDB Certified Professional of the Year is Rolando Martinez, a Staff Data Engineer at Vrbo, formerly HomeAway, working out of Austin, Texas. He was just one of the entries we received after we put out the call to find this year's Certified Professional of the Year with a free trip to MongoDB World up for grabs. We sat down with Rolando to talk about how he came to be a certified MongoDB Professional and how that's affected his career.

One Week To MongoDB World 2019 - T-1 Countdown

With just one week to go, the excitement for MongoDB World 2019 is heading to a peak. There's so much going on and in this final Countdown article, we'll have a quick reminder of what's in store and some special news about what's happening on the blog. Let's start with that special news first…

MongoDB Atlas Users Get New Support And Backup Options

With new options for Atlas support and more customisation for Cloud Provider Snapshot backups, MongoDB Atlas keeps on improving the experience for developers and administrators looking to deliver better value.

Workload Isolation with Atlas and Charts

MongoDB Charts on Atlas now supports Workload Isolation, ensuring the queries used to generate visualisations do not interfere with transactional workloads. Find out how you can put Workload Isolation to work for your charts.