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How Kustomer uses MongoDB and AWS to help fill in the gaps in the customer journey

Marissa Chieco
March 21, 2018
Kustomer is a SaaS-based customer relationship platform designed to integrate conversations, transactions, and a company's proprietary data in one single system, capturing all aspects of the customer journey. We sat down with Jeremy Suriel, CTO & Co-Founder of Kustomer, to learn more.

Tell us about Kustomer

My co-founder and I worked together for 20 years in customer support. Over time...

SEGA HARDlight Migrates to MongoDB Atlas to Simplify Ops and Improve Experience for Millions of Mobile Gamers

Joe Drumgoole
March 15, 2018

It was way back in the summer of ‘91 that Sonic the Hedgehog first chased rings across our 2D screens. Gaming has come a long way since then. From a static TV and console setup in ‘91, to online PC gaming in the noughties and now to mobile and virtual reality. Surprisingly, for most of those 25 years, the underlying infrastructure that powered these games hasn’t really changed much at all. It was ...

MongoDB.local is Coming to Sydney!

Danielle James
March 15, 2018
Category: Events

On 20 March, the MongoDB team will be in Sydney for this year’s largest MongoDB event in the Southern hemisphere. Join local members of the tech community for a day that’s jam-packed with technical content, swag, food, and a drinks reception!

Technical Content

At MongoDB.local Sydney, you’ll get to participate in 15+ sessions focusing on topics including:

Stack Overflow Research of 100,000 Developers Finds MongoDB is the Most Wanted Database

Michael Lynn
March 13, 2018
Category: Company

It’s well established that developers want to work with a database that offers flexibility, versatility, and ease of use. Scalability and reliability certainly don’t hurt either. For an increasing number of developers, MongoDB is the desired solution to meet all these requirements. And for the second year in a row, this has been validated by the opinions of those who matter most — developers them...

Optimizing for Fast, Responsive Reads with Cross-Region Replication in MongoDB Atlas

Jay Gordon
March 12, 2018
Category: Cloud, Release Notes

MongoDB Atlas customers can enable cross-region replication for multi-region fault tolerance and fast, responsive reads.

  • Improved availability guarantees can be achieved by distributing replica set members across multiple regions. These secondaries will participate in the automated election and failover process should the primary (or the cloud region containing the primary) go offline.
  • Read-onl...

Cloud Data Strategies: Preventing Data Black Holes in the Cloud

Leo Zheng
March 06, 2018
Category: Cloud

Black holes are regions in spacetime with such strong gravitational pull that nothing can escape. Not entirely destructive as you might have been lead to believe, their gravitational effects help drive the formation and evolution of galaxies. In fact, our own Milky Way galaxy orbits a supermassive black hole with 4.1 million times the mass of the Sun. Some theorize that none of us would be here we...

New to MongoDB Atlas — Live Migrate Sharded Clusters and Deployments Running MongoDB 2.6

Jesse Krasnostein
March 05, 2018
Category: Cloud, Release Notes

Live migration in MongoDB Atlas enables users to import data from MongoDB deployments running in other environments and cut over to a fully managed database service, giving you industry best practice security by default, advanced features to streamline operations and performance optimization, and the latest versions of MongoDB.

Today, we’re introducing two new enhancements to MongoDB Atlas live m...

How uses MongoDB Atlas to Bring a Seamless Customer Experience to the Business Travel Market

Peter Zawistowicz
February 23, 2018

As consumer travel apps like Expedia and Kayak are continuously innovating to provide more seamless booking experiences for their customers, their B2B counterparts can seem very outdated in comparison. Hamburg-based startup, is looking to change that.

We recently sat down with Voya’s CTO, Pepijn Schoen, to learn more about how they are using MongoDB alongside natural language processing a...