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Atlas Charts is metered based on the volume of data transferred from the Charts web server to web browser clients. MongoDB provides each Charts instance with a free 1 GB of data transfers per month. You can view your Charts instance's monthly data usage in the Data Transfer page. To visualize your Charts usage, you can create a Billing Dashboard.

The free usage tier provides approximately 500,000 chart renders over a month. However, this number may vary based on the types of charts being rendered. A number chart or a bar chart with few bars typically consumes less data, while a scatter chart with many data points or a large table could consume more.

Once the 1 GB of free data usage has been consumed, MongoDB bills Charts data transfers at a fixed rate of $1.00 per GB.

In addition, any applicable Atlas data transfer fees apply, as per the Data Transfer Fees section of the Atlas Pricing page. Charts is hosted on AWS us-east-1 region, and uses this region to calculate the fees.

The following examples show the expected monthly charge for different usage scenarios. Consider:

  1. A Charts instance with 5 users, each of whom refreshes a 10-chart dashboard once an hour during business hours. This results in about 8,000 renders over the month, and easily falls within the 1 GB free tier.

  2. A dashboard on a large-screen display with 20 charts set to refresh every 5 minutes, all 24 hours of the day. This results in about 300,000 renders over the month. Assuming these charts are not abnormally large, this scenario also falls entirely within the 1 GB free tier.

  3. A large chart embedded on a web page that receives 10,000 views per day, resulting in 300,000 renders over the month. This chart takes roughly five times as much data to render compared to a typical chart, and consumes 3 GB of data over the month.

    The first 1 GB is free, and the remaining 2 GB is billed at $1.00 per GB, resulting in a total cost of $2.00 for the month.


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