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Create a New Dashboard

Time to Complete: 3 minutes

Now that you have created your data source, create a dashboard to hold all of your visualizations:

  1. In Atlas Charts, click Dashboards in the sidebar.

  2. Click the New Dashboard button.

  3. Copy the following into the Title input:

    Super Supply Store Orders
  1. Copy the following into the Description input:

    Sales, Customer Analytics, and More.
  2. Click Create.

After clicking create, Charts navigates you to your newly created dashboard and prompts you to add your first chart.

The following sections of the tutorial walk through building each chart for your dashboard. You will be populating the dashboard with the following visualizations:

To create each chart, you will populate the chart's encoding channels with fields from your schema. Encoding channels represent the information passed to Atlas Charts which allows Charts to create the visualization. For more information on encoding channels and the different types of channels available, refer to the encoding channels section of the documentation.

Follow along to the next section of the tutorial to build a column chart showing total sales by store location.

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