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Rearrange and Resize Charts

Time to Complete: 2 minutes

The dashboard is starting to get crowded at the top row with plenty of empty space below. You can make the display easier to digest by rearranging and resizing some of the charts. Charts makes this a straight-forward process by providing simple drag and drop capabilities for reorganizing a dashboard.

You can rearrange charts by dragging the top-left corner of the chart, and resize charts by dragging the bottom-right corner. For additional details on rearranging and resizing charts, see the Manage Existing Dashboards section.

Try reorganizing your dashboard to get something like this:

Organized Dashboard
click to enlarge

In the last chart of the dashboard, we will explore some of the customer data available in the schema to create an area chart showing the age distribution of customers.

←  Grouped Column Chart Showing Most Common Items Sold by Store LocationArea Chart Showing Age Distribution of Customers →