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View & Analyze Data

Discover ways to interact with your MongoDB data using a command-line interface, visual user interface, or a connector to integrate with business intelligence and data science tools.

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Discover how to query and update data from within Atlas, MongoDB's fully managed cloud database.

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Atlas Data Federation

Query and analyze data across Atlas Clusters, S3 Buckets, and Data Lake Datasets with the MongoDB Query Language.

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Atlas Data Lake

Use Data Lake to create analytic optimized copies of your data with complete workload isolation.

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Atlas Search

Build fast, relevant, full-text search capabilities on top of your data in the cloud.

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Atlas SQL

Create and run SQL queries to visualize, graph, and report on your data using relational business intelligence tools.

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BI Connector

Connect MongoDB to your favorite BI platforms to visualize, graph, and report on your MongoDB data.

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Create, share, and embed visualizations of MongoDB data.

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Visually explore your data with full CRUD functionality, and index and performance management.

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MongoDB Shell

Manage your MongoDB data, database users, and more through an interactive JavaScript interface.

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Use PyMongo to load MongoDB query result sets as Pandas DataFrames, NumPy arrays, and Apache Arrow tables.

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Spark Connector

Leverage Apache Spark's libraries to analyze MongoDB data with machine learning, graph, and SQL APIs.

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