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Load the Sample Data

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  • Prerequisites
  • Load the Sample Data into Your Atlas Cluster
  • Next Steps

Time to Complete: 8 minutes

To complete this tutorial you will need a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Refer to the Create a Cluster documentation for instructions on creating an Atlas cluster.

Atlas provides sample data you can load into your Atlas cluster. To load sample data into your cluster:


Log in to your Atlas account at


Click Database in the sidebar.

  1. Click the Ellipses (...) button for your cluster.

  2. Click Load Sample Dataset.

Atlas begins loading your sample data. This operation takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.


To view your sample data, click Browse Collections. The sample data set that now appears in your database deployment includes the follow databases:

  • sample_airbnb

  • sample_analytics

  • sample_geospatial

  • sample_guides

  • sample_mflix

  • sample_restaurants

  • sample_supplies

  • sample_training

  • sample_weatherdata

For details on the collections and documents included in these datasets, see Available Sample Datasets.

Charts automatically connects to the supply store collection as a data source.

Now that you have loaded the sample data, you can Create a New Dashboard which will use this data source to create visualizations.

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