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Migrate Data with Self-Managed Tools

You can bring data from existing MongoDB deployments, JSON or CSV files into Atlas using one of the following tools that you run outside of Atlas.


To import data using the MongoDB Tools, including mongodump, mongorestore, mongoexport, and mongoimport, you must have MongoDB Tools version 100.9.4 or later. To move data to a serverless instance, you can also use Compass to export and import data.

To learn more about serverless instance limitations, see Serverless Instance Limitations.



The mongosync binary is the primary process used in Cluster-to-Cluster Sync. Use mongosync to migrate data from one cluster to a cluster in Atlas. Atlas syncs data from the source to the destination cluster until you cut your applications over to the destination Atlas cluster.
Migrate from a MongoDB replica set into an Atlas cluster without shutting down your existing replica set or applications. mongomirror does not import user/role data or copy the config database.
Seed an Atlas cluster with a BSON data backup dump of an existing MongoDB deployment. mongorestore does not restore system.profile collection data.
Load data from a JSON or a CSV file into an Atlas cluster. mongoimport uses strict mode representation for certain BSON types.
Use a GUI to load data from a JSON or a CSV file into an Atlas cluster.

You can also restore from an Atlas cluster backup data to another Atlas cluster. For information, see Restore Your Cluster.

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