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Atlas App Services

Atlas App Services provides a suite of managed cloud services including Atlas Device Sync, serverless cloud functions, declarative data access rules, and more. You can use App Services to write and host a full application in a managed cloud environment backed by MongoDB Atlas.

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Create a New App

Apps contain all of your hosted services. Learn how to set up your Atlas cluster and create a new serverless application.

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Build a Serverless App Backend

See how to use HTTPS endpoints and triggers to run a serverless GitHub issue tracker.

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Explore Template Applications

Explore working applications to learn how to implement Atlas Device Sync in mobile applications or use App Services.

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Learn More About Services

Learn more about the problems Atlas App Services solves - and how - to decide if App Services fits your use case.

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Atlas Device Sync

Automatically synchronize data stored in Realm Database across devices and users.

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User Authentication

Configure one or more authentication providers that let users log in to your application.

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Write serverless JavaScript code to handle your application logic in the cloud.

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Schemas & Rules

Define data types, control what users can read and write, and validate data changes.

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Run functions that automatically execute for events like data changes or at scheduled times.

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HTTPS Endpoints

Define HTTP endpoints for third-party apps and services to call.

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Access your data with an automatically generated GraphQL API and write custom query and mutation resolvers.

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Static File Hosting

Host and publish static assets like images or source files for a website on App Services's CDN.

Usage-Based Pricing & Free Tier

Application services have usage-based billing and include a generous monthly free tier for small development and production apps, so you can get started at no cost. For more details, see Billing.

You can use any of the following interfaces to work with App Services:

  • Atlas App Services UI: Create and maintain your App from a web browser
  • Realm CLI: Define and deploy your app with local configuration files
  • GitHub Deploy: Deploy your app based on configuration files in a GitHub repo
  • Admin API: Use standard HTTP requests to manage your application
Introduction to Atlas App Services for Backend and Web Developers →
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