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What are the Atlas Application Services?

Atlas Application Services are fully-managed backend services and APIs that help you build apps, integrate services, and connect to your Atlas data faster.

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Start Building
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What You Can Do

Services like Device Sync, APIs, and Triggers make it easy to build and run virtually any app or backend service on top of Atlas.

Key Features
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Run your application's backend logic and connect to external services with functions that automatically scale to meet demand.

Serverless JavaScript Functions

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Securely access data from anywhere with dynamic role-based permissions.

Role-Based Permissions

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Define your application data model with standard schemas that you can use to validate data and generate language-specific classes.

Schemas and Relationships

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Let users register and log in to your app with their preferred authentication method.

User Authentication Providers

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Define and access global values and private secrets from your app's functions and configuration files.

Values & Secrets

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Deploy your app in any of the three major cloud providers with regions around the globe.

App Deployment Models

Additional Resources
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MongoDB Feedback

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