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Legacy Migration


If your source and destination clusters are running a version before MongoDB 6.0.13, you can use legacy migration options described in this section. For legacy migration, you use the Atlas UI to either pull a MongoDB replica set or sharded cluster into an Atlas replica set or sharded cluster using the Atlas UI, or push data from a source replica set or sharded cluster monitored in Cloud Manager to a destination replica set or sharded cluster in Atlas. You can also use self-managed tools to migrate manually, load files, and seed or import data.

This section describes the following legacy migration options:

  • Live Migrate: Pull Your Data into Atlas (MongoDB Before 6.0.13)

  • Live Migrate: Push Your Data from Cloud Manager or Ops Manager to Atlas (MongoDB Before 6.0)

  • Migrate Data with Self-Managed Tools

  • Migrate a MongoDB Replica Set from AWS to MongoDB Atlas on AWS.

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