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Live Migrate: Pull Your Data into Atlas (MongoDB Before 6.0.13)

You can pull data from existing MongoDB deployments, JSON, or CSV files into Atlas using one of the following tools managed by Atlas within the Atlas UI.

To locate live migration (pull) in the Atlas UI, in the left-side panel of your organization's page, go to Live Migration to Atlas and select General Live Migration.

If your source and destination clusters are running MongoDB 6.0.13 or later, you can live migrate to Atlas using this procedure.

Live Migrate (Pull) a Replica Set into Atlas (MongoDB Before 6.0.13)
Use the Atlas user interface to pull a MongoDB replica set into an Atlas replica set cluster.
Use the Atlas user interface to pull a MongoDB sharded cluster into an Atlas sharded cluster.
Live migrate a standalone MongoDB node
Convert the standalone MongoDB node to a single-node replica set and then live migrate (pull) a cluster into Atlas. If you can't convert the standalone to a replica set, use mongorestore to migrate to Atlas.


Legacy Migration (Pre-6.0)


Replica Set