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Cluster-to-Cluster Sync

Cluster-to-Cluster Sync provides continuous data synchronization or a one-time data migration between two MongoDB clusters. You can enable Cluster-to-Cluster Sync with the mongosync utility.

mongosync can continuously synchronize data between two clusters. You can use mongosync to create dedicated analytics, development, or testing clusters that mirror your production environment. Synchronized clusters can also support locality requirements for audit and data residency compliance.

In addition to continuous data synchronization, mongosync can also facilitate a one time data migration between clusters.

To get started with mongosync, refer to the Quick Start Guide. For more detailed information, refer to the Installation or Connecting mongosync page that best fits your situation. See also the Limitations page for important restrictions.


mongosync does not check for compliance with the documented limitations. Please ensure that your application is not affected by the limitations.

Running mongosync in the presence of one of these limitations could lead to undefined behavior on the destination cluster.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page addresses common questions users have asked about mongosync.