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You can interact with Atlas programmatically using the Atlas Administration API, the Atlas App Services Admin API, and the Atlas Data API. Use the links on this page to learn about each API and their resources.


Each Atlas API has its own resources and requires initial setup. The Data API also uses different access keys from the Atlas Administration API and the App Services Admin API.

To configure access for each API, use these resources:

Manage your Atlas environment through the command line or automate with the Atlas Administration API. Atlas Administration API resources add, edit, or delete administrative objects within Atlas, including projects, users, and database deployments.

Learn about the Atlas Admin API

Programmatically create, read, update, and delete data stored in Atlas with the Data API. You can use the Data API to access Atlas data from the command line or from other applications.

Programmatically perform administrative tasks outside of the App Services UI with the App Services Admin API. This includes tasks such as modifying authentication providers, creating rules, and defining functions.

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