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Personalize Your Atlas UI Features

You can customize some visual aspects of your Atlas UI, such as your date and time formats.


Your account menu displays.


The Personalization page displays.

My Time Zone

Timezone in which Atlas displays dates.

Default: No Preference

My Date Format

Format in which Atlas displays dates. Possible values are:

  • MM/dd/yy

  • MM/dd/yyyy

  • yyyy-MM-dd

  • dd-MM-yy

  • dd-MM-yyyy

Default: MM/dd/yy

My Time Format

Format in which Atlas displays times. Possible values are:

  • 24-hour

  • AM/PM

Default: AM/PM


Mode in which Atlas Data Services and Atlas App Services appear. Possible values are:

  • Light Mode

  • Dark Mode

  • Auto (Sync with OS)

Default: Light Mode

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