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Atlas UI Authorization

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  • Atlas User Roles
  • Organizations
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  • Programmatic Access

You can manage access to your Atlas database deployments with Atlas User Roles. You can apply these permissions only on the organization level or the project level. So, plan the hierarchy of your organizations and projects carefully.

Atlas user roles define the actions Atlas users can perform in organizations, projects, or both. Organization and project Owners can manage Atlas users and their roles within their respective organizations and projects. To learn more, see Atlas User Roles.

An organization can contain multiple projects (previously referred to as groups). Under this hierarchy structure:

  • Billing happens at the organization level while preserving visibility into usage in each project.

  • You can view all projects within an organization.

  • You can use teams to bulk assign organization users to projects within the organization.

To learn more, see Manage Organization Access.

You can create multiple projects in an organization.

By having multiple projects within an organization, you can:

  • Isolate different environments (for instance, development/qa/prod environments) from each other.

  • Associate different users or teams with different environments, or give different permissions to users in different environments.

  • Maintain separate cluster security configurations. For example:

    • Create/manage different sets of database user credentials for each project.

    • Isolate networks in different VPCs.

  • Create different alert settings. For example, configure alerts for Production environments differently than Development environments.

To learn more, see Manage Project Access.

The Invitations tab allows you to view and accept pending invitations to Atlas organizations and projects. To learn more, see Invitations to Organizations and Projects.


Project Invitation Deprecation

The Atlas release on September 13, 2023 deprecates project invitations.

When you invite an organization member to projects within the organization, the user is automatically granted access to those projects and doesn't receive any invitations. When you invite a user to projects in an organization that the user doesn't belong to, the user receives a single invitation to the organization, which includes access to all of the projects that you grant them access to. Invitations expire after 30 days.

To grant programmatic access to an organization or project using only the API, you can create an API key for the Atlas Administration API. To learn more, see Grant Programmatic Access to Atlas.

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