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A mobile backend for any stack

The developer data platform that helps you launch an enterprise-grade mobile backend fast. Build custom APIs or leverage fully managed services.

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Mobile data management simplified

As consumers demand seamless mobile experiences, choosing the right underlying technology to handle your mobile data is essential. Atlas for the Edge makes it easy to keep sources synchronized so you get to focus on what matters.

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Build faster, iterate freely

Make development faster and easier with a JSON-like document model that intuitively maps to objects in your code. Our flexible schema allows data structures to easily evolve as your mobile app matures.

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More stars, happier users, less code

Save time with managed services that embody best practices from leading mobile apps – managed endpoints, auto-scaling infrastructure, built-in network handling, advanced conflict resolution, enterprise-grade security, authentication, and more.

Flexible options that match your stack

MongoDB’s developer data platform was designed to provide mobile development teams with flexible options. Your stack, skillset, and timeline may determine the right option for your project.

Build custom APIs for your mobile apps

Deploy your own app server and work with data in your language of choice with one of our many language libraries. This option offers the most opportunity for customization and is great for developers with experience building backend applications.

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Leverage managed APIs

Leave infrastructure management – deployment, maintenance, scaling – to us. Our managed HTTPS endpoints allow you and your teams to focus on building and launching more application functionality faster.

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Atlas Device Sync

Atlas Device Sync provides many out-of-the-box features that reduce time-to-launch and maintenance costs. This option streamlines app development and reduces the amount of backend code developers need to write.

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Why MongoDB for your mobile apps?

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