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The most advanced cloud database service on the market, with unmatched data distribution and mobility across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, built-in automation for resource and workload optimization, and so much more.

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Meet MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is an integrated suite of data services centered around a cloud database designed to accelerate and simplify how you build with data. Build faster and build smarter with a developer data platform that helps solve your data challenges.

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Run applications anywhere

Run anywhere in the world with Atlas. Deploy a database in over 90 regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud - and expand to be global, multi-region, or multi-cloud when you need it. Pin data to regions for strict compliance and ultra-low latency.

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Deploy a multi-cloud or multi-region database in a single CLI command or API call with MongoDB Atlas.
MongoDB Atlas seamlessly scales compute and storage resources up or down based on your workload requirements.

Scale operations confidently

Build with confidence. Atlas comes with built-in best practices and intelligently automates critical operations to make sure your data is secure and your database is running as expected.

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Reduce architectural complexity

Access and query your data for any use case from a unified query API. Data stored in Atlas is instantly available to use with the rest of our platform, from full-text search to analytics to visualizations.

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MongoDB Atlas offers built-in capabilities for relevance-based search, embedded analytics, and more.
Get on-demand index and schema design recommendations for your database with MongoDB Atlas.

Focus on shipping features

Keep your applications running, whether traffic triples or new features are added. Atlas offers advanced performance optimization tools so you always have the database resources you need to keep building.

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Feature overview

Work easily when everything is an object

We built our database as developers, for developers. So we always want to make sure you have the tools you need to build faster, bigger, and better.
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Deploy a database
Create a cloud database in seconds using the Atlas UI, CLI, Kubernetes Operator, or an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) resource provider. Play around with a free cluster, launch a serverless instance, or customize a dedicated cluster configuration.
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MongoDB Atlas CLI
HashiCorp Terraform
AWS CloudFormation
Kubernetes Operator
Query data of any structure
Our unified Query API makes it easy to work with any modern data such as arrays, geospatial, time series and more. Query, transform, and analyze data in place as your schema evolves.
Learn about the MongoDB Query API
Aggregation Pipeline
Time Series
Build your way
Build queries with the MongoDB Shell, Compass, or directly in your programming language of choice.
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MongoDB Shell

Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our developer data platform.

Get started with Atlas today

Get started in seconds. Our free clusters come with 512 MB of storage so you can play around with sample data and get oriented with our platform.
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  • 95+ regions worldwide
  • Sample data sets
  • Always-on authentication
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Command line tools