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Configure Database Deployment Authentication and Authorization

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Atlas offers the following security features for database deployment authentication and authorization.

Atlas requires clients to authenticate to access database deployments. You must create database users to access the database. To set up database users for your database deployments, see Configure Database Users.

When the built-in Atlas database user privileges don't meet your desired set of privileges, you can create custom roles.

You can set up passwordless authentication for your AWS IAM users in the following ways:

Atlas supports performing user authentication and authorization with LDAP. To use LDAP, see Set up User Authentication and Authorization with LDAP.

Atlas supports performing user authentication and authorization with OIDC. To use OIDC, see Set up Workforce Identity Federation with OIDC.

X.509 client certificates provide database users access to the database deployments in your project. Options for X.509 authentication include Atlas-managed X.509 authentication and self-managed X.509 authentication. To learn more about self-managed X.509 authentication, see Set Up Self-Managed X.509 Authentication.

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