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Configure Database Users

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  • Database User Authentication
  • Required Access
  • Add Database Users
  • View Database Users and Certificates
  • Modify Database Users
  • Delete Database Users

Create database users to provide clients access to the clusters in your project. A database user's access is determined by the roles assigned to the user. When you create a database user, any of the built-in roles add the user to all clusters in your Atlas project. You can remove the default built-in role and set specific privileges and custom roles to add the user to specific clusters.

Database users are separate from Atlas users. Database users have access to MongoDB databases, while Atlas users have access to the Atlas application itself. Atlas supports creating temporary database users that automatically expire within a user-configurable 7-day period.

Atlas audits the creation, deletion, and updates of database users in the project's Activity Feed. Atlas audits actions pertaining to both temporary and non-temporary database users. To view the project's Activity Feed, click Activity Feed in the Project section of the left navigation. For more information on the project Activity Feed, see View All Activity.

Atlas supports a maximum of 100 database users per Atlas project by default. If you require more than 100 database users on a project, you can use the Atlas Administration API to increase the limit. For assistance, contact Atlas support.


You must use the Atlas CLI, Atlas Administration API, Atlas UI, or a supported integration to add, modify, or delete database users on Atlas clusters. Otherwise, Atlas rolls back any user modifications.

Atlas offers the following forms of authentication for database users:

To add database users, you must have Organization Owner or Project Owner access to Atlas.

A project can have users with different authentication methods.

You cannot change a user's authentication method after creating that user. To use an alternative authentication method, you must create a new user.

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