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Download Query Logs

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You can download logs of your federated database instance queries from the Atlas CLI, Atlas UI, and API. You can view the logs to determine information such as:

  • The number and type of executed queries.

  • The number of scanned documents.

The log is in JSON format and available as a .gz file. Atlas Data Federation retains the logs for up to 30 days. By default, the logs are generated in UTC format. You can modify the time zone in the User Preferences page to generate and download the logs in your time zone. You can generate logs for:

  • The last four, eight, twelve, or twenty-four hours.

  • A specific date and time period.


It might take up to an hour for query log entries to be available to download in Atlas.

To download Atlas Data Federation query logs, you must have Project Data Access Read Only access to the project or higher.

To return logs of the specified Data Federation database for your project using the Atlas CLI, run the following command:

atlas dataFederation logs <name> [options]

To learn more about the command syntax and parameters, see the Atlas CLI documentation for atlas dataFederation logs.


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To download query logs using the API, send a GET request to the Data Federation queryLogs.gz endpoint. To learn more about the API syntax and options, see Download Query Logs for One Federated Database.

To download query logs:


Choose one of the following time periods:

  • Last 4 Hours

  • Last 8 Hours

  • Last 12 Hours

  • Last 24 Hours

  • Custom Date


The downloaded log filename is in the following format:



Retrieve Query History