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Atlas User Roles

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Atlas user roles define the actions Atlas users can perform in organizations, projects, or both. Organization and project Owners can manage Atlas users and their roles within their respective organizations and projects.

You can apply these permissions only on the the organization level or the project level. So, you should carefully plan the hierarchy of your organizations and projects. To learn more, see Database Deployment Management.

Organization Role (UI)
Organization Role (API)
Organization Owner

Grants root access to the organization, including:

  • Project Owner access to all projects in the organization, even if added to a project with a non-Owner role.

  • Privileges to administer organization settings.

  • Privileges to add/remove/edit Atlas users and database users within the organization.

  • Privileges to delete the organization.

  • All the privileges granted by the other organization roles combined.

Organization Project Creator

Grants the following access:

  • Privileges to create projects in the organization.

  • Privileges granted by the Organization Member role.

Organization Billing Admin

Grants the following access:

  • Privileges to administer billing information for the organization.

  • Privileges granted by the Organization Member role.

  • Privileges to create, edit, delete, acknowledge, and unacknowledge billing alerts.

Organization Read Only
Provides read-only access to everything in the organization, including all projects in the organization.
Organization Member

Provides read-only access to the settings, users, and billing in the organization and the projects they belong to.

Unlike Organization Read Only, an Organization Member can only access projects they have been explicitly added to.

For an Organization Member, within a project, the user has the privileges as determined by the user's project role. If a user's project role is Project Owner, then the user can add a new user to the project, which results in adding the newly-added user to the organization as well (if the newly added user is not already in the organization).

The following roles grant privileges within a project.

Project Role (UI)
Project Role (API)
Project Owner

Grants the privileges to perform the following actions:

Project Cluster Manager

A user with the Project Cluster Manager role can perform the following tasks:

The Project Cluster Manager role doesn't allow users to:

Project Data Access Admin

Grants access to the Data Explorer. This role also grants privileges of Project Read Only.

Allows the user to perform the following Data Explorer actions:

The Project Data Access Admin role does not grant privileges to initiate backup or restore jobs.

Project Data Access Read/Write

Grants access to the Data Explorer; specifically, the privileges to perform the following through the Atlas UI:

Project Data Access Read Only

Grants access to the Data Explorer; specifically, to perform the following actions through the Atlas UI:

Project Read Only
Grants metadata view-only access to the project control pane, including: all activity, operational data, users, and user roles. The user, however, cannot access the Data Explorer or retrieve process and audit logs. The user can view database deployment metric charts.
Project Search Index Editor
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