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Restore a Cloud Manager Snapshot to Atlas

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  • Restore a Cloud Manager Snapshot to Atlas

You can automatically restore a backup for a Cloud Manager deployment to an Atlas deployment.

In addition to the prerequisites, consider the following requirements and limitations when restoring from a Cloud Manager deployment.

  • If you are restoring from a sharded cluster, the source and target clusters must have the same number of shards.

  • Atlas can't restore a sharded cluster snapshot to a replica set.

  • This feature is unavailable for M0 clusters and for serverless instances.

  • You can only restore a Cloud Manager snapshot to a Atlas cluster if either both deployments run the same version of MongoDB server, or the Atlas deployment runs one version higher than the Cloud Manager deployment.

Atlas deletes all existing data on the target cluster prior to the restore. Depending on the type of restore taking place, the target cluster may be unavailable for the duration of the restore.

Before you restore a snapshot from a Cloud Manager deployment to an Atlas deployment, ensure that the hosts for your Atlas deployment have sufficient storage space for the restored databases, plus additional space for dataset growth. Use db.stats() to find the current database size.

Also, the instance types of the nodes in the Atlas deployment must have at least as much memory and throughput capacity as the nodes in the Cloud Manager deployment.

To learn more, see Restoring a Deployment to MongoDB Atlas.

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