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Back Up Your Cluster

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Feature Unavailable in Free-Tier Clusters

This feature is not available for M0 free clusters. To learn more about which features are unavailable, see Atlas M0 (Free Cluster), M2, and M5 Limits.

Atlas Cloud Backups provide localized backup storage using the native snapshot functionality of the cluster's cloud service provider.

Atlas supports cloud backup for clusters served on:

You can enable cloud backup during the cluster creation or during the modification of an existing cluster. From the cluster configuration modal, toggle Turn on Cloud Backup to Yes.

If you have strict data protection requirements, you can enable a Backup Compliance Policy to protect your backup data.

Cloud Backups inherit the snapshot redundancy native to your cluster's cloud provider. As such, Cloud Backups have at least the following redundancies depending on the cloud provider:

  • AWS stores objects on multiple devices across a minimum of three Availability Zones in an AWS Region.

  • Microsoft Azure uses locally redundant storage (LRS) which replicates your data three times within a single data center in the selected region.

  • Google Cloud spreads your data across multiple physical machines within the zone of the backup region.

To ensure greater redundancy for your Cloud Backups, you can also enable Multi-Region Snapshot Distribution in Atlas. This automatically creates copies of your snapshots and oplogs and stores them in other Atlas regions. With snapshots distributed across multiple regions, you can still restore your cluster if the primary region goes down.

If you need to retain any legacy backup snapshots for archival purposes, download them before you switch to Cloud Backup from legacy backups. To learn how to download a snapshot, see Restore a Cluster from a Legacy Backup Snapshot.

When you change from Legacy Backups to Cloud Backups, Atlas retains your Legacy Backup snapshots in accordance with your legacy backup retention policy.

To manage or restore backups for a cluster, you must have Project Owner access to the project. Users with Organization Owner access must add themselves as a Project Owner to the project before they can manage or restore backups.

Cloud Backups can support sharded clusters running MongoDB version 4.0 or later.

You cannot restore an existing snapshot to a cluster after you add or remove a shard from it. You may restore an existing snapshot to another cluster with a matching topology.

With databases running FCV 4.0 or earlier, Cloud Backup automatically disables the balancer if it is running in order to take a snapshot. When the snapshot completes, Cloud Backup returns the balancer to its previous state.

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