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Subset Mode

You can enable subset mode in Atlas Charts to restrict the input collection to 1000 randomly selected documents. To enable subset mode, use the Subset toggle in the Preview section. The Subset toggle for a chart doesn't persist when the chart renders on a dashboard. So, if you enable subset mode when you build a chart, the data that renders in the dashboard isn't sampled.


When you enable subset mode and you specify a filter, Atlas Charts takes the sample of 1000 documents before it applies the filter. So, Atlas Charts might use fewer than 1000 documents to plot the chart.

Consider using subset mode when you draft a chart and heavily modify chart options. In this situation, subset mode lets the chart render quickly during the building process. When you feel satisfied with your chart, save it as soon as possible.


Due to the random nature of sampling, when you have subset mode enabled, your visualizations might change each time the chart loads in the chart builder.

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