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Commands Available Only in Free Clusters

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  • atlasSize


Feature unavailable in Serverless Instances

Serverless instances don't support this feature at this time. To learn more, see Serverless Instance Limitations.

The following command is specific to Atlas free clusters:

Returns the cumulative size across all databases in a free cluster for the following database statistics:

"totals": {
"collections": [number-total-collections],
"views": [number-total-views],
"objects": [number-total-objects],
"avgObjSize": [number-average-across-all],
"dataSize": [number-total-dataSize],
"storageSize": [number-total-storageSize],
"numExtents": [number-total-numExtents],
"indexes": [number-total-indexes],
"indexSize": [number-total-indexSize],
"fileSize": [number-total-fileSize],
"numDatabases": [number-total-databases],
"indexSize": [number-total-indexSize]
"atlasSize": [number-total-data-plus-total-index-size],
"ok": 1

The atlasSize field represents the combination of the total size of data and indexes in the cluster.

"totals" : {
"collections" : 11,
"views" : 0,
"objects" : NumberLong(530025),
"avgObjSize" : 277.0923742138365,
"dataSize" : NumberLong(532890980),
"storageSize" : NumberLong(555319296),
"numExtents" : NumberLong(0),
"indexes" : 11,
"indexSize" : NumberLong(4792320),
"fileSize" : NumberLong(0),
"numDatabases" : 4
"atlasSize" : NumberLong(537683300),
"ok" : 1
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