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Scale On-Demand

With MongoDB Atlas, you can scale your databases up, down, or out in a few clicks or API calls.

Elastic Scalability

Adjust the instance size, memory, or storage capacity of your clusters with no application downtime. Provision and pay for the resources you need, when you need them.

Native Sharding

Scale horizontally across multiple machines with Atlas’s native sharding capabilities. Choose the number of shards and sharding strategy that meets your needs.

Capacity Auto-Scaling

Enable fully automated capacity management and have Atlas adjust database storage and sizes as needed by tracking resource utilization metrics in real-time.

Optimize Resource Efficiency

MongoDB Atlas helps you improve database performance with intelligent index and schema suggestions, automatic data tiering, and workload isolation for analytical queries.

Index Suggestions

The Performance Advisor in MongoDB Atlas automatically analyzes collections experiencing poor performance and recommends indexes to both add and remove. See examples of slow-running queries with relevant metrics and create suggested indexes in a few clicks.

Schema Suggestions

Schema suggestions in MongoDB Atlas offer the opportunity to strategically identify data design issues in application development and production. Suggestions in the Performance Advisor are surfaced from multiple collections and are used to identify critical issues impacting performance in production.

Online Archive

With Online Archive, you can tier your data across fully managed databases and cloud object storage and query it through a single endpoint. Automatically archive historical data and save on operational and transactional data storage costs without compromising on query performance.

Workload Isolation

Configure read-only secondary nodes to run analytical workloads, such as MongoDB Charts or the BI Connector. This ensures your operational workloads are not impacted by resource-intensive queries on the same database.

Full Performance Visibility

MongoDB Atlas takes the pain out of database monitoring and diagnostics with custom alerts, real-time performance tracking, and historical metrics.

Real-Time Performance Panel

See live performance metrics for dedicated clusters, including operations, disk usage, connections, IOPS, hottest collections, and slowest queries.

Custom Alerts

Receive notifications when database operations, server usage, or other conditions reach defined thresholds that affect your cluster’s performance. Get alerts over email, text, and channels you already use.

Key Database Metrics

Create dashboards from dozens of throughput, performance, and utilization metrics to analyze historical database performance down to one minute granularity.

Query Profiler

Diagnose issues quickly with the help of the Query Profiler, which surfaces long-running queries and their key performance statistics. Review historical operations to quickly identify outliers and query patterns across collections and operation types.

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