Coordinated Disclosure

Any security concerns or vulnerabilities discovered in one of MongoDB’s products or hosted services can be responsibly disclosed by utilizing one of the methods described in our ‘create a vulnerability report’ docs page.

While we greatly appreciate community reports regarding security issues, at this time MongoDB does not provide compensation for vulnerability reports.

Product and Services

Security related information and configuration guidance is available for the following:


MongoDB Cloud Manager


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For support, use our support contacts. For any other security-specific inquiries,


MongoDB thanks the following individuals for identifying and assisting in fixing Security related flaws or vulnerabilities in MongoDB products/services via our disclosure process.

(in reverse chronological order)

  • Feng Xiao from Georgia Tech
  • Mohsin Khan
  • Pankaj Kumar Thakur
  • Will Ashworth
  • Taha Smily
  • David Calligaris
  • Ketan Madhukar Mukane
  • Rich Mirch
  • Sicheng Liu of Beijing DBSEC Technology Co., Ltd
  • Mitch Wasson of Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection Group
  • Arbazz Hussain
  • Andre Protas of Apple
  • Vineet Kumar
  • Alyssa Herrera
  • Jamie (James C.) Davis of Virginia Tech
  • Suhas Sunil Gaikwad
  • Henri Salo from Nixu Corporation
  • Nenad Borovčanin
  • Cameron Dawe
  • Kamil Sevi
  • Philippe Jacquot
  • Simon Budail-Essard
  • Sumit Sahoo
  • Richo Healey
  • Andrea Palazzo (Truel IT)
  • Kai Lu and Xiaopeng Zhang of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs
  • Christian Hansen
  • Jason King
  • Daniel Isaac Khan Ramiro
  • Florian Gaultier
  • Gerd Jungbluth
  • Will Urbanski
  • Yury Maryshev
  • Mikhail Firstov
  • HD Moore