MongoDB Atlas
Online Archive

Automate data tiering in MongoDB Atlas to reduce storage costs while preserving easy access to historical data.

Archive your data, query it in place

Get unlimited storage scalability with MongoDB Atlas Online Archive. Automatically offload aged data to fully managed, queryable object storage to optimize cost and performance.

Automated Data Tiering

Automatically tier your MongoDB Atlas data across fully managed databases and cloud object storage to balance cost and performance.

Queryable Archives

Preserve the ability to query all your MongoDB data – live and historical – using a unified endpoint for quick insights.

Integrated & Fully Managed

Configure your Online Archive alongside your Atlas database using a common UI, eliminating the need to manually offload or delete your data.

Manage MongoDB Data at Scale

Manage your entire data lifecycle cost-effectively without replicating or migrating it across multiple systems.

Intelligent Data Tiering in MongoDB Atlas

Automated Archival

Retain all of your data cost-efficiently without the time-sink of manual data offload or deletion.

Fully Managed

There’s no infrastructure to set up and manage - archives remain fully online and queryable in MongoDB Atlas.

Flexible Configuration

Create an Online Archive using a date-based or custom archival rule to fit your unique use case.

Federated Query

Seamlessly query data in-place across your Atlas database and Online Archive using a unified endpoint.


Control costs with an on-demand storage and query service where you only pay for what you use.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with MongoDB Atlas for provisioning, access, billing and support.

Ready to get started?

Create an Online Archive in MongoDB Atlas today to start saving on storage costs.

Choose an Atlas Database

Create a MongoDB Atlas database on AWS, Azure or GCP in minutes.

Write an Archival Rule

Create a date-based or custom archival rule to automatically offload data to lower-cost storage.

Query Your Data

Run queries in-place across your live and historical data using a unified endpoint.


Data ScannedData StoredData Transferred & ReturnedData Accessed
$5 per TBBased on archive sizeStandard AWS data transfer rates applyBased on archive access rates
Data Scanned
$5 per TB
Data Stored
Based on archive size
Data Transferred & Returned
Standard AWS data transfer rates apply
Data Accessed
Based on archive access rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlas Online Archive?

With MongoDB Atlas Online Archive you can automatically tier your data across fully managed databases and cloud object storage while preserving the ability to query all your data through a single endpoint. Create a rule to automatically archive infrequently accessed data from your MongoDB Atlas database to optimize cost and performance.

How do I use Atlas Online Archive?

Atlas Online Archive is available exclusively with MongoDB Atlas. It is available on any M10 or greater cluster running on MongoDB 3.6 or later.

Create an Online Archive in the MongoDB Atlas UI by choosing a database and writing an archiving rule. Any data that matches the criteria of your rule will automatically move to the archive, and will remain fully online and queryable alongside your live cluster data.

How does archiving work in Atlas Online Archive?

Data gets automatically archived based on the criteria you specify in an archiving rule. The criteria can be one of the following:

  • A combination of a date and number of days. Atlas archives data when the current date exceeds the date plus the number of days specified in the archiving rule.
  • A custom filter. Atlas runs the query specified in the archiving rule to select the documents to archive.

How can I query my data in Atlas Online Archive?

MongoDB Atlas provides a unified endpoint through which you can query both your live cluster and archived data using the same database and collection name you use in your Atlas cluster. Atlas also provides an endpoint through which you can isolate queries to your archive without impacting your live cluster.

Where can I find more information about Atlas Online Archive?

Check out our documentation for tutorials and more information.