MongoDB Connector for BI

Connect MongoDB to your favorite BI platforms to answer your organization’s most important questions.

MongoDB’s flexible data model and dynamic schema allow you to store data in rich, multi-dimensional documents to quickly build and evolve your apps. But your Business Intelligence platform expects fixed schemas and tabular data.

The MongoDB Connector for BI lets you use MongoDB as a data source for your SQL-based BI and analytics platforms. Seamlessly create the visualizations and dashboards that will help you extract the insights and hidden value in your multi-structured data.

Draw insights from new streams of data

Analyze data generated by your modern apps - web, mobile, social, and IoT - alongside traditional data stored in your relational databases.

BI on MongoDB data made easy

No more complex ETL processes that move data from MongoDB into other systems for analysis. Save time, money, and effort.

Connect MongoDB to your BI Platform of Choice like…

Micro Strategy

...and many more

How It Works

1. Connect

The MongoDB Connector for BI provides your BI platform information about the schema of the MongoDB collection you want to analyze

2. Receive

It receives SQL queries from your BI platform and translates them into appropriate MongoDB queries, which are sent to MongoDB

3. Analyze

The connector then gets back the results, converts them into a tabular format, and sends them to your BI platform for visualization

Try It For Free

The MongoDB Connector for BI is available with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced. Interested in learning more?