NoSQL Database Requirements

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NoSQL databases offer significant advantages over traditional relational technology in addressing the requirements of Big Data modern applications. But not all NoSQL databases are the same. They all offer greater data model flexibility, horizontal scalability, and superior performance than relational databases but that’s where the similarities end.

So how do you go about selecting the right NoSQL database for your application? First, you need to have a clear understanding of the database requirements for your application. You also need to take several aspects of the technology into consideration.

One criteria you should take into account is the popularity of the database. Is the database widely used and are there many professionals with the skillset to support the technology? If so then you can expect lots of support in terms of a robust developer community and partnership ecosystem.

Also consider whether the database you choose addresses a wide variety of use cases vs. being a niche technology. You want to make sure the technology investment can be applicable for future applications and scenarios in the enterprise.

Based on just these two criteria, MongoDB is the NoSQL database to seriously consider for your meeting your modern application needs. It’s the most popular database with 10 million downloads and counting, and consistently ranks as the top NoSQL database according to DB-Engines’ monthly rankings. As a general purpose database, you can successfully address many different use cases with MongoDB.

To find out more about how to satisfy your NoSQL database requirements with the right solution, download our white paper. In the paper, we outline the five critical dimensions that organizations need to think about when making a database choice for their applications and businesses.

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