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Program Info
What is the MongoDB for Startups program?
MongoDB for Startups is a program for early-stage, high-growth startups. We support the next generation of founders through free cloud credits, 1:1 technical advice, co-marketing, and connections, to enable you to build faster and scale further.
What is offered in the MongoDB for Startup program?

The MongoDB for Startups program is tailored to support your startup’s growth wherever you are on your journey. Below is an overview of our offerings:

  1. Access to MongoDB Atlas credits
  2. Technical advice through our free 1:1 Technical Advisor Session
  3. Co-marketing opportunities through #BuiltWithMongoDB blog series, MongoDB Podcasts and MongoDB videos
  4. Networking & community engagement through exclusive invitations to MongoDB events
  5. Access to educational content from our documents, webinars and resources
  6. Access to partner perks, such as Nvidia, Intercom, and Notion
  7. Eligible for cloud partner credits through AWS Activate and Google Cloud for Startups
How can I share my acceptance into the MongoDB for Startups program?
We’re delighted to have you in our startup community and encourage you to share the excitement with your network! You can download our Social Media Toolkit here. Use hashtag #BuiltWithMongoDB and we’ll be sure to give you some social love!
Who can I speak with to collaborate on a co-marketing initiative?
We’d love to collaborate with you! If you’re interested in partnering up to publish a blog, podcast or video story, please submit your interest by completing this form. We review all submissions on a rolling basis and will reach out to you if we find a good fit for your content.
Can I apply twice to the MongoDB for Startups program?
Startups are only allowed to go through the MongoDB for Startups program once. If you have previously participated in this program (or its predecessor, the MongoDB Startup Accelerator), please contact to learn how you can continue to grow with MongoDB.
What if I’ve already been using MongoDB Atlas before joining the program?
That’s fantastic! You have the option to apply your promo code into your existing Organization’s account or create a new one. Follow the steps below in the promo activation section to apply credits into an existing or new account.
Promo Code
Where can I find my promo code?

Once you are accepted into our program, you will receive your unique promo code in your welcome email. If you don’t see a welcome email in your inbox or your spam folder, please contact and we will resend your code.

If you haven’t applied to our program yet, please work with your VC fund, accelerator, or incubator to apply with our program or apply through our website at Once you get accepted, you will receive a welcome email with your individual promo code.

How can I activate my promo code?

To activate your promo code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your existing account or register for an account by clicking "Get Started for Free"
  3. Navigate to the page in the top navigation and click "Billing"
  4. If Billing is not an available option, click on your profile at the top right corner and click "Organizations" in the drop-down menu
  5. Find the organization you'd apply the Activation code to and click the Organization name
  6. Billing will appear on the left side navigation
  7. In the “Billing Overview” tab, scroll down and click the button “Apply Code” and add your promo code into the field

Note, only Organization Owners will have the ability to apply the promo code into the account. If you are not the Organization Owner, please contact them to activate the promo code. Navigate to the “Access Manager” dropdown at the top of your account and click “Organization Access” to view your team’s access roles.

Can I wait to apply my promo code?
Yes! You have 12 months to activate your promo code.
When do the promo codes expire?
Once activated, you have 12 months to use your Atlas credits. In the rare case you are not able to exhaust your credits in 12 months, you can request an extension by emailing Extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to us when you have 3-months or less before your credit expiration date.
Where can I see my promo code expiration date?

To view the expiration date of your credits, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in to your existing account
  3. Navigate to the top navigation bar and click "Billing"
  4. Scroll to the bottom to the “Available Credits” section
  5. Under the “Active Dates” column there will be gray text that states “(EXPIRES MM/DD/YY)”

Note, the expiration date is in a MM/DD/YY format.

What if my credits are expiring and/or have expired?
Email if you would like to request for a credit extension. Extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis. If possible, please reach out to us when you have 3-months or less before your credit expiration date.
What can I use the promo code credits for?

Your MongoDB for Startups credits can be applied to use any product on MongoDB Atlas. This includes the Atlas database and its associated associated features (i.e. Search, Charts, Device Sync, etc.). The credits can also be used to cover the cost of the Developer Support plan.

Credits cannot be used to cover Pro and Enterprise Support plans or purchasing Flex Consulting.

Can I use credits to pay for previous invoices?
Unfortunately, credits are activated the day they are applied into your account. Thus, they cannot be retroactively applied towards past charges or past invoices.
Why is Atlas asking for credit card info?

A credit card is required to be on file as a form of backup payment in case charges incur beyond the available credits in your account. The credits begin to deduct as your default payment the day you apply it into your account. Your credit card will not be charged until all your credits have been exhausted or you make purchases outside of MongoDB Atlas, such as Support Pro or Flex Consulting.

What payment methods does MongoDB Atlas accept?
MongoDB accepts credit card and Paypal payment methods through the Atlas console. Alternatively, you can also pay via AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Marketplace, Azure Marketplace or set up an Atlas subscription. Learn more about billing options here.
Why did I get charged even though I have credits?
The credits begin to deduct as your default payment the day you apply it into your account. Credits cannot retroactively be applied towards previous month’s invoices or charges incurred before the date of credit activation.
Where can I find my monthly invoice?
Navigate to your Atlas billing page, click on the Invoices tab and download a PDF of the month’s invoice to see a summary of usage and charges.
What is the benefit of purchasing MongoDB through the Cloud Marketplaces?

Through marketplace listings, you can enjoy a simplified cloud payment experience via their user accounts with no upfront commitment. To learn more, click on the links below:

Will my credits still be valid through the Marketplace?

All Atlas credits must be applied through the Atlas UI, not through the Marketplace. Once applied, these credits become the default and primary method of payment. Only after those credits are spent down or they expire, would Marketplace begin collecting payment.

I have startup credits from my cloud provider, can I use it to pay for Atlas?
Unfortunately, credits from cloud providers cannot be used for Atlas.
What if I don’t want to use the Marketplace anymore? Can I discontinue pay-as-you-go without losing access to my Atlas account?
Yes, as long as you’ve added an additional payment method within your Atlas account, you can disconnect Marketplace payment at any time.
How best can I get started with MongoDB Atlas?

Below are some helpful resources to help you get started on Atlas:

  • Get started documentation
  • Jumpstart on MongoDB Atlas (video playlist)
  • Startup Webinar Series (videos)
  • DevCenter
  • MongoDB University
What are features within Atlas I should explore?
Where can I get technical support?

MongoDB offers a professional services team of experts to accelerate your startup’s success.

If you run small to mid-range deployments on Atlas and are interested in advice on data best practices and solutions to operational issues, we recommend signing up for the Developer Support plan. The Developer Support team provides 24/7 support, in-app chat and support portal access. The first 30-days are free and you can use your Atlas credits to pay beyond the 30-days, which starts at $49/mo.

If you are in need of support for large deployments, migration or scaling best practices, we highly recommend booking a session with our Technical Advisor team. See below for more info.

What is a Technical Advisor session and how can I book it?
Each startup in our program receives one free Technical Advisor session. This 2-hour session is a 1:1 meeting with an engineer who can offer hands-on support on your specific needs. To book your free Technical Advisor session, complete this form and your advisor will reach out to schedule your session.
Who can I speak with if I have more questions?
Reach out to us at - we’re here to help!

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