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What is Relational Migrator

MongoDB Relational Migrator is a tool to help you migrate relational workloads to MongoDB. Relational Migrator allows you to:

  • Design an effective MongoDB schema derived from an existing relational schema.

  • Migrate data from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Sybase ASE to MongoDB, while transforming to the target schema.

  • Generate code artifacts to reduce the time required to update application code.

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What You Can Do

Use the entity-relationship style diagramming interface to visualize your schema and make schema mapping decisions.


Split or merge tables across collections. Embed a table as a nested document or array in an existing collection. Define custom JavaScript expressions to create additional fields.

Mapping and Modelling

Accelerate your schema mapping by asking Relational Migrator to suggest a MongoDB schema for your workload, or start with a blank slate.


Quickly apply recommended table mappings to a specific collection in your model.

Schema Recommendations

Replicate data from Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Sybase ASE to MongoDB Atlas or on-premises.


Use the saved mapping definitions to transform data to the MongoDB schema as it's replicated. Replication can be one time or continuous.

Data synchronization

Support for popular enterprise languages including C#, Java, JavaScript, JSON, and multiple template frameworks.


Use information about the new schema to accelerate new code development. Includes code generation of entity classes, persistence layers, and APIs.

Convert your Application Code
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