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Released July 09, 2024

New features:

  • New conditional mapping rules for more advanced transformations:

    • Mapping rule filters to include or exclude documents based on a custom Javascript expression.

    • Array conditions to sort and limit embedded arrays, supporting the application of the subset pattern.

    • Improved modeling of foreign keys to support tables with multiple, potentially ambiguous references to a foreign table.

  • New light mode in web UI.

  • New undo/redo functionality for mapping rule editing.

  • Improved stored procedure conversion for Postgres and MySQL database by adding procedure headers.

Released May 20, 2024

New features:

  • More detailed statistics while running a sync job, including viewing percentage complete, estimated time to completion, and which table is currently being processed.

  • Users can now recover a continuous sync job if the Relational Migrator application is restarted while a sync job is running.

  • New Job Management REST API. The REST API allows users to start, stop and monitor sync jobs programmatically.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Atlas Sign In sessions expired after Relational Migrator was idle for a short amount of time.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to import queries from Oracle databases where the schema or database name contained dots.

  • Fixed an issue where generated Java POJO classes used incorrect types for date-typed fields.

  • Fixed an issue where verification could be aborted for schemas with composite keys when some key fields are excluded.

  • Fixed an issue where jobs would stall without progress if no tables for the schema were found in the source database.

Released April 18, 2024

New features:

  • Users can migrate time series data into MongoDB with native Time Series support.

  • Users can migrate data from TimescaleDB Hybertables.

  • Users can migrate from a database that has a name different from the name used when creating the corresponding project.

  • Migration performance improves by setting write concern to 1 by default (can be overridden in MongoDB URI).

  • More detailed job logging.

Bug fixes:

  • It is now possible to create projects and run sync jobs when the database name or schema name contains dot characters.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to create a calculated field with the same name as an excluded regular field.

  • Miscellaneous quality improvements to the query converter.

Released March 6, 2024

New features:

  • Query converter is now in public preview. For details, see Enable Query Converter.

  • Query converter now requires you to sign into a MongoDB Atlas account. When you sign into Atlas, the process for selecting Atlas clusters in a sync job is dynamically populated.

  • Query converter now supports conversion of relational database DML triggers to Atlas Triggers.


  • Query converter now allows you to convert SQL queries and views to C#, Java, or JavaScript.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor improvements to job recoverability and metrics.

Released February 12, 2024


  • Added support for Oracle 11g as a source database.

  • New status indicator on the project page that shows if a migration is running.

  • Improved permissions checks against MongoDB database when starting a new migration.

  • Improvements to Query Converter private preview.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where completed migrations could not mark themselves as complete in web interface.

Released January 29, 2024


  • Improved synthetic foreign keys to be preserved after schema refresh.

  • Fix for fully-offline deployments in airgapped environments.

  • Fix for certain combinations of mappings, specifically two different mappings at the same level of embedding.

  • Various minor fixes and improvements to Sybase database support, CDC stage metrics, verification stage, database exports, and logging.

Released December 11, 2023

New features:

  • Sybase ASE database support is now available for one-time snapshot sync jobs and stored procedure conversion.

  • Confluent-hosted Kafka support for participants in the Kafka early access program. This release adds prebuilt support for connecting to a Kafka cluster managed by the Confluent hosting provider.


    Kafka is an open-source platform for distributed, high-availability workloads. To gain access to Relational Migrator with Kafka support, contact your MongoDB account team to sign up for the Kafka Early Access Program.

  • Integration supported with Hackolade.

    Hackolade is a visual data modeling tool. You can explore schemas in Hackolade by importing a Relational Migrator .relmig file. For details, see the Hackolade help article.


  • Improved SQL query conversion quality for the Query Converter (private preview). For details on how to join the Query Converter early access program, see Query Converter.

  • Improved application performance through expanded use of available memory in suitable server environments.

Released November 7, 2023


  • Performance improvements for sync jobs that create large arrays.

  • Fixed an issue where schema discovery failed on schema names that contain the dash character.

Released October 25, 2023


  • Improved performance when Relational Migrator analyzes large relational schemas.

  • Relational Migrator now integrates with the Windows certificate store for SSL connections.

New features:

  • New installer and binaries for Mac M1 architectures.

  • Mapping rules now show the original column and type used to generate an _id field.

  • Improved error messages in query converter (private preview).

Released October 10, 2023

New features:

  • Ability to select C#, Java, and JavaScript target languages for stored procedure conversions in the query converter (private preview).

  • Query conversions are now included when you export/import projects.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where update events could return errors in CDC jobs.

  • Fixed an issue where Relational Migrator could hang while trying to detect if a new version was available.

  • Fixed an issue where all tables could be unexpectedly unchecked when selecting tables for a project.

  • Improvements to execution of sync jobs under the Kafka deployment model (private preview).

Released September 26, 2023

New features:

  • The Query Converter feature is now in private preview. To request private preview access, use the sign-up form within the Relational Migrator application:

    1. In the Code Generation tab, click the Query Converter pane.

    2. Click the Register interest button.

    3. Fill out the form details and click the Submit button.

Bug fixes:

  • SQL Server connections now require a database name, which resolves some issues caused by inferring the database name.

  • Improvements to the Mac and Windows installers.

Released September 4, 2023

New features:

  • Ability to change the data type for migrated fields.

  • Ability to control how null values are represented in the migrated data.

  • Ability to use calculated fields for a collection's _id value.

  • Diagnostic dump includes configuration files to help streamline support.

Bug fixes:

  • Improves to validation and error handling in mapping rules.

  • Improves ability to parse a wider range of Oracle DDL files.

  • Fixes an issue where tables were lost when refreshing a schema using SQL Server and Windows authentication.

  • Fixes an issue where CDC updates may target the wrong document when tables do not have a primary key.

  • Fixes an issue where database passwords can be incorrectly saved to the browser's password library.

Released July 26, 2023

New features:

  • Support for connecting to a SQL Server named instance.

  • Collection names now show for JSON schema files created from the Code Generation screen.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes a post-sync job issue where data verification sometimes stops or displays as not started.

  • Fixes an issue where JSON columns containing top-level arrays cannot be migrated.

  • Fixes an issue where excluded fields can overwrite calculated fields with the same name.

  • Fixes an issue where calculated fields based on decimal column values return NaN.

  • Fixes an issue where some diagram view fields are cut off after you change the project level key handling option.

Released Jun 22, 2023

Relational Migrator 1.1.2 is now generally available. Relational Migrator assists in migrating your relational workloads to MongoDB.