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Diagrams function as an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) tool to visualize tables, foreign key relationships, and data types. Diagrams help you understand the relational database's schema, and show you how to best represent relational data in MongoDB. Diagrams also show how your mapping rules shape the target MongoDB schema.

When you finish creating a migration project, Relational Migrator creates a new diagram based on your project's mapping rules. The diagram is comprised of two views:

  • A Relational view, representing the tables in your relational database

  • A MongoDB view, representing the collections in your target MongoDB database

When you edit mapping rules for your project, the MongoDB view automatically updates to reflect the new rules.

The relational view is unaffected by mapping rules, and only changes when you update your project's data model.


You can also use Hackolade to visualize your schemas.

Hackolade is a visual data modeling tool. You can explore schemas in Hackolade by importing a Relational Migrator .relmig file. For details, see the Hackolade help article.

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