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Sync Jobs

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Sync jobs transfer data from your relational database to MongoDB. Sync jobs use project-level Mapping Rules to distribute data to your MongoDB database.

Relational Migrator offers two different sync job types:

Snapshot: Snapshot sync jobs run once, typically for a point in time migration strategy.

Continuous: Continuous sync jobs cover new incoming data for a zero-downtime Change Data Capture (CDC) migration strategy. Continuous jobs run a snapshot stage first, followed by a CDC stage that captures database updates in near-real time. When you run a continuous sync job, your source and destination database data remain in sync.


Kafka Deployment Model

The Kafka deployment model of Relational Migrator allows you to run longer-running snapshot or continuous sync jobs with improved resiliency. For more details about the Kafka deployment model, see Integrating Relational Migrator with Kafka.

You can perform the following tasks from the Data Migration tab.

Create a Sync Job
Create a sync job which uses the defined mapping rules and migration options.
View metadata, execution status, and issues for a sync job.
Cancels the execution of a sync job.
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