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MongoDB Ops Manager – 6.0 Release

Ops Manager allows you to manage, monitor, and back up MongoDB deployments.

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Ops Manager Overview
Describes Ops Manager.
Install Ops Manager
Install Ops Manager.
Create Deployments
Provision servers and create MongoDB deployments.
Manage Deployments
Manage and update your MongoDB deployments.
Migrate Deployments
Migrate your MongoDB deployments to MongoDB Atlas.
Monitor Your Deployments
Monitor your MongoDB deployments and manage alerts.
Backup and Restore
Initiate and restore backups.
Describes Ops Manager security features.
MongoDB Agent
View and manage Ops Manager MongoDB Agent.
Organizations and Projects
Manage Ops Manager organizations, projects, and users.
Account Management
Manage your Ops Manager user account.
Administer Ops Manager
Configure and manage Ops Manager.
Manage Ops Manager through the API.
Troubleshooting advice for common issues.
Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about the operation and use of Ops Manager.
Reference material for Ops Manager components and operations.
Release Notes
Changelogs and notes on Ops Manager releases.
Ops Manager Migration Licensing
The license for Live Migrating from MongoDB Community to MongoDB Atlas.
Third-Party Licenses
Third-party licenses.