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Create Rules From Suggested Mappings

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Relational Migrator can automatically suggest mapping rules based upon your relational schema. Using suggested mappings can help you develop your MongoDB data model faster.

In the Mappings pane, you have the option to either apply all the suggested mapping rules, choose specific suggestions individually, or ignore all of the suggested mapping rules. The Suggested mappings button remains visible, allowing you to modify your selection at a later point.

  • You need to enable Suggested mappings from the Project Settings. If you created a project with a recommended schema, the suggested mappings feature is disabled by default.

  • In order for Relational Migrator to generate suggested mappings for a specific table, you need to create a New Documents mapping rule that maps the table to a collection. You can then select that collection to see the suggested mapping rules.

  1. On the Mapping screen, click one of the following:

    • A MongoDB collection on the Schema model pane.

    • A collection on the MongoDB side of the project diagram.

  2. On the Mappings pane on the right-hand side of the screen, click the Suggested mappings button.

    The suggested mapping rules are generated from your relational schema.


    The suggested mapping rules display with a blue rectangle in the MongoDB diagram. These mapping rules are not added to your project until you click the Apply button.

  3. Deselect the suggested mapping rules you do not want applied to your MongoDB schema.

    If you do not want to use any of the suggested mapping rules, click the Ignore button to at the bottom Mappings pane.

  4. Click the green Apply button at the bottom of the Mappings pane.

    The suggested mapping rules are added to your project.

You can also manually create your mapping rules:

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