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Resolve Alerts

Ops Manager issues an alert for each condition configured in your alert settings when an alert condition occurs, such as an unresponsive host or an outdated agent. To view all alert notifications, click Alerts in Ops Manager.

When a condition triggers an alert, you receive the alert at regular intervals until the alert resolves or Ops Manager cancels it. You can acknowledge an alert for a period of time, but if the alert condition persists, you will again receive notifications once the acknowledgment period ends.

You can temporarily suspend alerts on a resource by creating an alert maintenance window. For example, you can create a maintenance window that suspends host alerts while you shut down hosts for maintenance.

Ops Manager administrators define alert configurations on a per-project or multi-project basis.

To learn more, see Alerts Workflow and Manage Alerts.

Alerts resolve when the alert condition no longer applies. For example, if a replica set's primary goes down, Ops Manager issues an alert that the replica set does not have a primary. When a new primary is elected, the alert condition no longer applies, and the alert will resolve. Ops Manager sends a notification of the alert's resolution.

Ops Manager cancels an alert if the alert configuration that triggered the alert is deleted, disabled, edited, or if the open alert becomes invalid. Some examples of an alert becoming invalid are:

  • There is an open "Host Down" alert, and then you delete the target host.

  • There is an open "Replication Lag" alert, and the target host becomes the primary.

  • There is an open "Replica set has no primary" alert for a replica set whose name is "rs0," and the target replica set is renamed to "rs1."

When an alert is canceled, Ops Manager does not send a notification and does not record an entry on the Ops Manager Alerts lists.


Manage System Alerts


Manage Alerts