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Configure and Resolve Alerts

Ops Manager issues alerts for the conditions configured in your alert settings. When a condition triggers an alert, you receive the alert at regular intervals until the alert resolves or Ops Manager cancels it.

Alert Conditions

When you configure alerts, you specify alert conditions and thresholds. Review the possible alert conditions for which you can trigger alerts related to your clusters.

Configure Alerts

To set which conditions trigger alerts and how Ops Manager notifies users, Configure Alert Settings. You can configure alerts at the organization or project level. Ops Manager provides default alerts at the project level. You can clone existing alerts and configure maintenance window alerts.

Resolve Alerts

When a condition triggers an alert, Ops Manager displays a warning symbol on the cluster and sends alert notifications. Resolve these alerts and work to prevent alert conditions from occurring in the future. To learn how to fix the immediate problem, implement a long-term solution, and monitor your progress, see Resolve Alerts.