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Fix IOPS Issues

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System and disk alert conditions can indicate IOPS issues.

System: CPU (User) % is measures the CPU usage of the processes on the node, normalized by the number of CPUs. This value is scaled to a range of 0-100%.

A few common events may trigger these alerts:

  • Unoptimized queries

  • A one-time event, such as an index build.

Consider the following resolutions:

  • Review Indexing Strategies for possible further indexing improvements.


    A temporary spike in disk utilization may result when creating new indexes.

  • Analyze Query Performance to review how your queries are using your indexes.

  • Use a faster disk drive with more hardware resources.

  • Move operations from disks with large workloads to different disks.

To observe high disk utilization, open the Hardware Metrics section of the Metrics tab and find the following metrics:

IOPS value greater than the provisioned IOPS value
Normalized System CPU

High IOWait curve

IOWait measures the percentage of time the CPU runs idle waiting for an I/O operation to complete.

To learn more, see View Deployment Metrics.


Fix CPU Usage Issues


View Deployment Metrics